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 2007 Press Releases








Giacomo Puccini’s TOSCA Vail Leavitt Music Hall  Riverhead, New York

On June 16, 2007, OPERA OF THE HAMPTONS opens FESTIVAL 2007, our Sixteenth Season with Giacomo Puccini’s TOSCA at the VAIL LEAVITT MUSIC HALL, Riverhead, New York at 5:30 P.M. The great French melodramatist, Victorien Sardou, wrote Tosca as a dramatic vehicle for Sarah Bernhardt.  Understanding the value of Sardou’s drama, Puccini, a man of the theater, was determined to secure the rights.  The opera Tosca has proven Puccini’s genius and has captivated audiences since it was first performed in Rome in 1900.  

 Politics, Passion, Jealousy! Consider the plot of this intriguing opera.  The beautiful diva Tosca captures all hearts, including the evil Baron Scarpia, he, who destroys all in his path.  In an atmosphere where Napolean was regarded as an apostle of freedom, no man is safe.  At every turn, Puccini’s lyrical expression and his glorious melodies soar and the opera is spell binding with its magnificent music.

 Opera of the Hamptons presents a fabulous international cast:  Julia Rolwing as the tempestuous Tosca; Ta’u Pupu’a as Cavaradossi; Zurab Ninua as Baron Scarpia; Nathan Baer as Angelotti; Charles Bosselman as the Sacristan and Jailor; Anthony Tolve as Spoletta; Eddie Peterson as Sciarrone; Haley Willis as the Shepherd Boy, Julian Whitley, and Martin Young.  Atarah Hazzan is Music Director; Linda Lehr, Stage Director; Charles Bosselman, Stage Manager and Barbara Giancola, Artistic Director. 

The Vail Leavitt Music Hall, an outstanding landmark theater, is a jewel.  Opera was first heard in this theater over a hundred years ago and it is a distinct pleasure to continue this tradition.  We recognize the efforts of Vince Tria and the Board of Directors for their vision in preserving this very special theater.

 Opera of the Hamptons and the Vail Leavitt Music Hall invite you to join us for this spectacular dramatic work.  It is an evening to rival any artistic adventure.

 TICKETS:   Presale $45.00   Priority  $55.00    At the Door  $55.00     631 728 8804

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Giacomo Puccini’s LA BOHEME Duck Walk North Southold, New York

 On Saturday, July 21, 2007, OPERA OF THE HAMPTONS presents a romantic tale of bohemian life, Giacomo Puccini’s LA BOHEME, , at DUCK WALK NORTH, Southold, New York at 5:30 P.M.  La Boheme so magnetized the arts, that it found its way to Broadway in the popular musical “Rent”, in film and the “pop” worldThis tale of inseparable friends living in a sparsely furnished garret in Paris, and their love of life and each other, has remained to this day a story that captivates every audience. 

 The opera is based on the Scenes de La Vie de Boheme by Henri Murger, a true picture in the eighteen-forties, of the amusing, poetic and difficult life of poor artists’ in the students’ quarter of Paris.  These young romantics, Rodolfo the poet, Marcello the painter, Schaunard the musician, and the philosopher Colline are portraits of the author and the friends of his youth.  Rodolfo is, in fact, Murger himself.   In composing La Boheme, Puccini weaves his web, bestowing on these Bohemians a life in the most beloved opera of all time.  

 On February 1, 1896, in Turin, Arturo Toscanini, then only twenty eight years of age, conducted the world premiere of Giacomo Puccini’s latest opera.  Surprisingly, the critics were not receptive. The public was lukewarm.  Only Giulio Ricordi, Puccini’s publisher, predicted correctly.  La Boheme became the most performed opera in the world.

 Opera of the Hamptons sensational international singers bring these bohemians to life.  Soprano Kristin Sampson will sing Mimi; Tenor John Tsotsoros, Rodolfo; Jacqueline Buffone, Musetta;  William Amory, Marcello; David Presler, Schaunard; Nathan Baer, Colline;  Benoit/Alcindoro, Charles Bosselman; Martin Young,  Haley Willis and with Stage Director, Linda Lehr; Stage Manager, Charles Bosselman; Music Director Atarah Hazzan; and Barbara Giancola, Artistic Director.

Dr. Herodotus Damianos, Patron of the Arts, will host Opera of the Hamptons at DUCK WALK NORTH.  It has been our pleasure to perform at Pindar Vineyards, Duck Walk South and now; we will bring opera to the absolutely beautiful new vineyard in Southold.   Once again, the refrains of Puccini will resound everywhere.

 Opera of the Hamptons and Duck Walk North invite you to this superb performance.  Come explore the heart and soul of Puccini’s great masterpiece in an exquisite atmosphere.  Enjoy the marriage of great wine and great music. 

TICKETS:  Presale  $45.00    Priority  $55.00    At The Door  $55.00      631 728 8804

E-Mail: [email protected]     Website:

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“The evening was filled with magic, the magic of beautiful voices,

the magic of great acting and the magic of Opera of the Hamptons….

thunderous applause escalated into a standing ovation”.

 “Singers center stage….enjoy an evening with Opera of the Hamptons”.

 On Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 5:30 P.M., OPERA OF THE HAMPTONS will present the ever popular FROM OPERA TO BROADWAY at DUCK WALK NORTH VINEYARDS in Southold, New York.   It’s that wonderful time when everyone sits back to enjoy an evening with friends.   

Duck Walk North is an exquisite vineyard and has just opened this season.   A beautiful patio set directly in front of the vineyards greets you for the occasion.  You bring a picnic basket, a chair, sip the delicious wines of Duck Walk North and bask in the music of love…..what a perfect evening! 

 Dr. Herodotus Damianos, a great Patron of the Arts, and his son Alexander Damianos, are our hosts.  Dr. Damianos was the first person to welcome Opera of the Hamptons to the North Fork.  We are honored to continue this long standing relationship.

 Our international cast includes:  Maria Ciccaglione, Shira Flam, Olga Bakali, Barbara Heller, Thomas Smargiassi, Ross Benoliel, and Nathan Baer with Music Director Atarah Hazzan and Artistic Director, Barbara Giancola.   From Opera To Broadway  will feature an Opera Hit Parade and the marvelous music of the Great White Way.  It is a fabulous evening for both the audience and singers….everyone gets to enjoy it.

 Opera of the Hamptons and Duck Walk North Vineyards invite you to join us for a spectacular evening under the stars…..great wine….great music!

 TICKETS:  Pre Sale: $45.00   Priority:  $55.00   At the Door:  $55.00   631 728 8804

E-Mail: [email protected]   Website:

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GiuseppeVerdi’s LA TRAVIATA Levitas Center For The Arts Southampton Cultural Center Southampton, New York

On Saturday, September 8, 2007 at 7:30 P.M., OPERA OF THE HAMPTONS presents Giuseppe Verdi’s LA TRAVIATA at the SOUTHAMPTON CULTURAL CENTER, the Levitas Center For The Arts, Southampton, New York.   La Traviata is based on a play by the younger Alexandre Dumas, “La Dame aux Camelias”, “Camille”,  his semi-autobiographical novel.

 When La Traviata was first performed in Venice, since it was a contemporary drama, it was played in modern clothes, (modern for 1853).  The leading tenor was hoarse, and a very robust Violetta, had the audience and critics alike laughing hysterically,  because they could not accept that she was dying of consumption.  The opera was a failure.  Verdi saw to it that all this was changed, but the critics still could not accept this “immoral” story.  However, the public loved it and La Traviata was an immediate success; the audience assessment was correct. 

Opera of the Hamptons international cast features Evelyn Thatcher as Violetta; Anthony Tolve as Alfredo; Richard Cassell as Giorgio Germont; Charles Bosselman as Baron Duophol; Gianmarco Marostica as Gastone; Masami Morimoto as the Marquis d’Obigny; Nathan Baer as Dr. Grenvil; Julia Amisano as Annina; Julian Whitley as Giuseppe; and Martin Young with Stage Director James Marvel; Stage Manager Charles Bosselman; Music Director Atarah Hazzan; and Artistic Director Barbara Giancola.  

Our gratitude to the Southampton Cultural Center for opening their doors to Opera of the Hamptons for this performance at the Levitas Center for the Arts.   Our premiere concert was at the Southampton Cultural Center when singers from the Metropolitan Opera joined us in support of our then new company.  We returned again to Agawam Park for a concert and now it is our pleasure to bring opera to the Levitas Center for the Arts.

 At this special event, Richard C. Malone, Honoree 2007, an extraordinary proponent of the Arts in Education will be honored.   From the inception of Opera of the Hamptons, Mr. Malone, then Superintendent of the Southampton School District, included Opera of the Hamptons in his educational plan for Southampton students.  Opera of the Hamptons Opera Residencies, Workshops, Concerts and students working side-by-side with professionals began in the Southampton schools.  We thank him for his vision. 

La Traviata opens at a grand soiree at the home of Violetta Valery, a beautiful young woman of somewhat dubious reputation.  Alfredo, smitten by the beautiful Violetta, is introduced to her, and the saga begins.  The lovers destined to experience life’s ever changing cycles are in the hands of the great master Giuseppe Verdi, who weaves exquisite music into the threads of this tale of love.  His soaring music, beautiful and thrilling, has magnetized audiences for over one hundred fifty years.

 Opera of the Hamptons and the Southampton Cultural Center invite you to a magical night of music….Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata. 

TICKETS:  PreSale:   $45.00   Priority:   $55.00    At The Door:  $55.00        631 728 8804

E-Mail: [email protected]   Website:

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